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One of the techniques used by JOA's "Scripted Space", other wise termed "Iconic Engineering" is:-

"Video Secco"®




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For creating large decorated ceilings to rekindle the pleasure given by those of the renaissance et sequ. JOA have pioneered a process for transferring images onto large horizontal surfaces, using currently available printing technologies.

For the large 21m x 15m ceiling at Rice University, JOA created a large A1+ sized watercolour and scanned it at high resolution to create a digital file of 750MB. This was then 'tiled' using Live Picture software run on Apple Macintosh computers into 96 (total)2' x 8' tiles and sent on disk to the large format printers 'Scanachrome' who printed it onto washable, flame proofed and accoustic vinyl fabric in continous runs using their inkjet presses. The tiles were then cut out and wrapped around standard fibreglass tiles by the ceiling installer, who then installed them in two days.

The complete ceiling fitted onto one CD-Rom, thus permitting re-printing at any time should this be required for maintenance or repair.

The resulting ceiling has inspired the Rice community, who have made neckties and headscarfs emulating the pattern.


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Scanachrome on floor