IOD Eaves


The pediment and the roof soffite are all polyester-coated steel. The Pediment trim and gutters are fixed with visible bolts so as to allow them to be removed ater 40 years for re-coating.

The black frieze, above the yellow stock brick course, is through-colour dark grey concrete, painted with clear glaze to turn it black. The three rolls above that are of grey concrete painted dark green. The cantilever brackets are of crushed ballidon limestone-concrete whose edges are painted red. All concrete paints are by Icosit and supplied in the UK by Sika. None of this painted concrete ever receives either rain or direct sun.

The downlighters in the roof soffite are sealed bulkhead fittings set into circular stainless steel bathroom vanitory basins. They flood the walls with light and serve as security lighting as well as decorative illumination.


Stormwater Pumping Station, Stewart Street, London E1